Consulting Engineering

Experienced team of bridge engineers provides advices and support for the realization of the projects from pre-concept to detailed design.

Software Development

Custom application and product development to match your needs.

3D Modeling and Drafting

Structural 3D models, shop drawings and project documents for infrastructural and civil projects.

Calculation/Design Services

Bridge project calculations (static and dynamic). Design and optimization of the bridge structures.

IT Services

Solution provider, CAD systems

BIM Consulting

For establishing BIM workflows to save time and gain quality and efficiency.

Every bridge project is unique and has special requirements. We are covering full spectra of various bridge structures, starting from different materials they are made of, all international standards to:

All bridge Types:

Cable supported, Complex bridges, Segmental bridges, Arch bridges…

All types of analysis:

Static, Dynamic, non-linear, seismic, HSR, wind, hydrodynamic…

All construction methods:

Span by span, Precast segmental, Balanced cantilever, ILM, Advanced shoring…