In Allplan Bridge, the time as 4th dimension is considered when specifying the construction process. The construction plan is divided into several phases and further into individual tasks, such as concrete hardening, tendon stressing, activation of self-weight etc.

The begin of a task can be defined as starting date or starting day. The starting day can be defined as global day or relative to the phase begin. The next time attribute that needs to be defined is the duration of the task. In this way the chronological shift of phases and/or tasks is easier, and the user has full control on how this affects previous and subsequent definitions.

The related structural components are interactively assigned to these tasks and this assignment connects the time attributes to the structure.

Furthermore, in Allplan bridge it is possible to define different schedules for the same bridge structure. This allows to analyze different schedule variants and, on this way, to optimize the construction sequence.

  • Relative definition of start day
  • Gantt diagram for definition and visualization
  • Interactive 3D assignment of construction segments
  • The detailing model subdivide into construction segments automatically

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